Natural Bean Sprout Husk Pillow Beansprout Baby Pillow 100% Handmade Beanie

*Take note: the casing is inner casing only, No pillowcase. The Inner casing means casing only ( No included Bean Sprout)

Bean Sprout Husk Weight:300gm
with 100% natural beansprout husks
that have been gathered, washed, sunned, carefully sorted by hand
and anti-bacterial treatment to ensure that
only the best husks are used.

15 cm x 40cm (Weighs approximately (250G~280G)
13*33cm(Weighs approximately (150G~180G)
17*50cm(Weighs approximately (350~380g)

Baby Organic Pillow is 100% natural and eco-friendly. It is filled with anti-bacterial treated bear sprout husks,

which are lightweight and porous. This pillow ensures that it's air-ventilated and keeps the baby's head cool, ensuring a good night's sleep for the baby.

Simply placed over the baby's chest and tummy area,
the pillow will provide your baby with a sense of comfort and security
by simulating the touch of a hand.

⚠️Care Instructions:
• Inner Filling Casing with zipper to adjust the height by refilling or removing bean sprouts to suit
your needs.
• Inner husk NOT suitable for washing.
• If there's any spillage of milk or liquid, wipe dry immediately.
• Sun/Microwave the inner husk pillow every 3-4 weeks to keep fillings crisp dry and odor-free.
• Pillow covers are removable and machine washable.