HOMIE Baby Powder Container/Baby Powder Puff with Case

This product is a baby body powder puff case with a fluffy powder puff, which is made from PP material for practical use. It does no harm to your baby's skin and provides good care to your dear baby. really a good tool in your daily life, you can use it to storage talcum powder, prickly heat powder, etc.

Large Powder Puff: The specially designed powder puff can disperse loose powder and reduce the loss of powder in the air.
Baby Powder Puff with Case: The delicate and lithe plush is easy to dry, does not deform, and does not fly, so that our children can be better taken care of.
Empty Body Powder Container: Made of high-quality materials, convenient and durable, for long-term use.
Size: 8x9.5x8(cm)