Baby Cloth Book Newborn Early Educational Can Bite Reading Matter Ring Paper Rattles Book


Product Name: Early Education Baby Cloth Book
Brand new and High quality
Size:  about 15cm*16cm
Material: Cloth
Package: OPP bag + tag
Content: Every book has 3 pages 6 faces;
Every book has 5 functions: 1. Ring paper, 2. BB device, 3. Rattles, 4. Label, 5. Distorting mirror
Features: Can not tear apart, Can be bite, Easy to wash
Function:   Scientists have shown that the baby has a preliminary visual sensation of color shortly after birth. As the baby grows up day by day, the baby will become more and more interested in the bright colors, complex shapes and visual depth. Moderate color visual stimulation helps to build a more complex and highly qualified visual neural circuit in the baby's brain, thus promoting the further development of the baby's intelligence.