Silicone Snack Cups for Toddlers/Baby Snack Container/BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe

Adorable Dinosaur Design: This baby snack bowl features a unique and cute dinosaur shape, making it visually appealing to infants and toddlers.
Food-Grade Silicone Material: Made from high-quality food-grade silicone, this bowl is safe for babies to use. It ensures that no harmful substances like BPA are present, providing peace of mind to parents.
Powerful Suction Base: The bowl comes with a strong suction base that securely attaches to flat surfaces, preventing it from being easily tipped over or moved by your little one.
Detachable Bowl Cover: The bowl is designed with a detachable cover, making it easy to store and carry snacks while keeping them fresh and protected from spills or contaminants.
Curved Guard Plate: With an arc-shaped guard plate, this bowl effectively prevents snacks from scattering and spilling, allowing babies to enjoy their snacks without creating a mess.