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Homie Brand size S (0-3m), M(3-12M),

*Non-sleeve Button Open/Close

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  • The IDEAL TRANSITIONAL SWADDLE SACK allows baby to SELF-SOOTHE and promotes BETTER SLEEP and SAFER SLEEP; Perfect for babies who prefer to sleep with ARMS UP, babies who are starting to rollover, and babies able to break out of a traditional swaddle
  • EASIEST & SAFEST way to TRANSITION from a SWADDLE; This Swaddle Sack is not a tight swaddle nor a loose sack; This nurse-designed transitional swaddle is snug to help baby feel secure and supports baby in a natural position for SAFER & BETTER SLEEP
  • Caregiver can open the cuffs, so baby can SELF-SOOTHE, or close the cuffs to PROTECT BABY FROM FACIAL SCRATCHES and provide partial suppression of startle reflex
  • HELPFUL 2-way zipper for easy diaper changes. Soft stretchy cotton knit. SNUG fitting design helps support baby in natural, flexed position.
  • Suitable to be worn over thin blanket swaddles to prevent unraveling of the blanket. NO MORE RISK of unraveling of swaddle blankets and covering baby's face, especially at night!!

Homie Brand size S (0-3m), M(3-12M),

*Non-sleeve Button Open/Close

•Overlapping flaps of the armholes allow easy release of the hands whenever required

 Swaddling Sleeping Bag can Wrap Baby's Hands, Feet and Body together can make baby feel warm

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