HOMIE Stand Walk Learning Baby Push Walker/Prevents Rollovers, Multiple Modes, Sit & Play 6-18months

Product Name : Stand Walk Learning Baby Push Walker
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ W32 x L43 x H47.5cm

🧎‍♂️‍➡️Sit & Play: 6-12 months
🚶‍♀️Stand & Walk: 9-18months

🧮The cognition of different colors and shapes.
💪🦵Learning walk by strolling can exercise balance sense of babies and drive the development of muscle of baby's arms and legs.
📝When a baby is 9 months old, the baby can play music box and paint wordpad on baby walker to exercise the grabbing ability and flexibility of the baby's hands.
🎼🎹Sound of nature and cheerful music, which helps stimulate the baby's auditory development.
👀Freehand board can make babies open their imagination and inspire their creation ability.

✅Quality materials: We guarantee that we will always use ABS environmentally friendly, safe and stable materials to ensure your baby's safety. The structure is stable and the intensity is even, which can help the baby to maintain balance and cultivate the correct walking style.
✅Adjustable speed: Adjust the speed suitable for your baby's learning according to your baby's weight and strength, so that your baby can learn scientifically and safely.
✅Interesting combination: It is not only a walker, but also a trolley, as well as other educational toys, to fully exercise your child's thinking ability..
✅Rejected O-legs: A cute walker with an ergonomically designed triangular structure that prevents the baby from playing while flipping sideways.
✅Post Storage Box: The toy is clean and tidy, not afraid of loss, and the storage space after the intimate, the beloved toy is not afraid of losing, and can play the appropriate weight gain effect.