Cute Rabbit Bear Doll Baby Soft Plush Toys For Children Appease Sleeping Stuffed&Plush Animal Baby Toys For Infants Gift


【 description 】: rabbit doll baby appease toy plush toys

【 material 】 : the super soft short fleecy + environmental protection PP cotton

【 color 】 : rice white, pink

【 product size 】 : 42 * 10 * 6 cm

【 weight 】: 100 g

【 scope of application 】: men and women there is no limit

【 specification 】: "Fill" : 100% high-quality pure PP cotton

【 features 】: dolls often use asymmetric design revealing the nifty and lovely, collocation clean and pure white color, appearing in the simple and warm feeling;Baby hold sleep more secure!Can also do interior decoration and indoor decoration. Rabbit ears is a long short, asymmetric design, very lovely

【Cleaning method: 】 can be washed, dried, as soon as possible hung out to dry