#Wet Wipe Basic-Cap 800 (80 sheets x 10 packs)#Gomdoli Korea Organic Baby Wet Tissue | Kids Adult Wet wipes

👉【Korea Premium Organic Wet Wipes Gomdoli 】

✔️Bigger & Thicker Alchohol Free Hygiene Wet Wipes

✔️#Perfect for sensitive baby skin!

✔️#Gomdoli Wet wipes 800sheets/carton > 6.5kg

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✔️Basic Cap Type Size: 160 x 200mm Types of Wet Wipes:

❤Basic Cap (80sheets x10packs) * Each individual pack with Hard Cover/Cap

▶▶Why Organic Baby wet wipe? Babies have much more delicate skin than adults, so their skincare requirements are very different. A baby’s skin is also as much as five times thinner than an adult's, which again means choosing the right products is essential. When choosing items such as clothes, baby wet wipes,s and bedding for your baby, organic products offer many significant benefits. In particular, they don’t contain chemicals such as Phthalates, which are commonly used in many lotions. By comparison, organic products are free from chemicals that can harm a baby’s skin and often are rich in essential oils that naturally create a barrier on the skin’s surface to prevent skin conditions, particularly nappy rashes. Organic baby clothes can also help to keep your baby comfortable and free from irritation.

▶▶Why Gomdoli Wet Wipes

✔️1: Organic #Gomdoli Always thinks of babies' health as a priority. We use organic ingredients such as organic mung bean extracts and aloe vera extracts to prevent skin irritation. Therefore it is safe to wipe the baby's mouth, face, hands, and any other parts.

✔️2: 7-Step Purified Water The purifying system filters contaminants from the water. Using 7 step UV sterilization purification system, we use highly purified water.

✔️3: Moister ✔️4: Embossing It helps to keep your baby comfortable and keep wet wipe moist for a longer time

✔️5: Thicker and Bigger The Basic weight for our three different types of wet wipes is 55g, 58g, and 73 g respectively, all heavier and thicker than most other brands. Our wet wipe sizes are 180 x200 and 160 x200 which are also bigger than other brands

✔️6: Design: #Gomdoli is Customized specifically for babies, so the design is also nice and cute

✔️7: Ingredient: 7 Step Purified Water, Organic Mung Bean Extract, Aloe Vera Extract

✔️8: #Made in Korea / Expiry date: 1 year from the manufactured day #Wet Wipes#Organic#Wet Tissue#Baby Wipes#Korea Gomdoli#Kids Adult Wet Wipes#Soft Embossing#Made in Korea

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